What is Vintage Jewelry?


The term “vintage” means different things to many people, but for Leo Hamel Fine Jewelers, it opens up an entirely different realm of choices for our customers. The way we use it, “vintage” simply means a piece of jewelry that was previously owned. Since the diamonds, gemstones, and precious metals are already millions of years old, the distinction between “new” and “used” is more easily blurred in jewelry than in any other product.

“Vintage” includes pieces ranging in age from those crafted centuries ago to those just born yesterday. Some pieces are from renowned designers such as Tiffany & Co., David Yurman, John Hardy, and Cartier, while others are one-of-a-kind, irreplaceable treasures.

Drawing on decades of experience and technical knowledge, our expert jewelers scrutinize each piece to ensure that it is authentic, made with genuine materials, and of top quality. Any pieces that do not pass their rigorous inspection are passed on to wholesalers who might find them homes in less discriminating stores.  Those pieces that are deemed worthy of our standards and yours are reconditioned to look their absolute best. Our master jewelers skillfully retouch, refinish, and refurbish them so well that you’d swear they were just made yesterday!

There is no difference in quality between our vintage and brand new jewelry—this is one of the best reasons to invest in vintage pieces! In fact, buying vintage gives you a much larger variety to choose from because you’re not limited to what manufacturers have decided to offer this season. Preowned jewelry is more distinctive than brand new pieces, and when you wear something that people find fascinating or exceptional, it draws a lot of attention!

Antique jewelry from specific time periods—such as the Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Retro, Edwardian, and Victorian eras—frequently boasts extraordinary attention to detail and superb craftsmanship that mass-produced items will never have. Whether they are true antiques or more recently minted treasures, a skilled maker’s workmanship and use of high quality materials create vintage pieces that will very likely continue to appreciate in value over time.

When you buy vintage jewelry, you’re not only investing in unsurpassed quality and fantastic originality; you’re getting an unbeatable value. Because our jewelers do all reconditioning in-house and we cut out the middleman mark-up, you can get more while spending less. Since our pieces have the same integrity and appearance as brand new items without the daunting price tag, it’s even easier to afford the designer and luxurious swag that you deserve. You get the same prestige at a different price!

Whether you like to splurge frequently on treats for celebratory events or a job well done, or periodically make more considered investments, buying vintage jewelry from Leo’s is a reliable, respected, eco-friendly way to make your dollars work harder to get more of what you want out of life. Let our vintage jewelry enrich your life with more style, sophistication, and a piece of history. And as always, we have a 30-day money back guarantee if you’re ever less than completely satisfied!

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