Asscher-Cut Diamonds

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Asscher-Cut Diamonds

Looking for a diamond cut that can both beautifully complement a vintage inspired setting and create a modern look in a contemporary setting? If so, the asscher cut diamond is the perfect choice for you. Originally developed in 1902, asscher cut diamonds are oftentimes confused with emerald cut diamonds. But there are a few distinctions that make the two cuts different from one another. How can you tell if a diamond is an asscher cut or an emerald cut?

Both asscher cut and emerald cut diamonds are beloved for their vintage appearance and step-cut faceting. Asscher cut diamonds are sometimes referred to as a “square emerald,” causing further confusion between the two diamond cuts. The easiest way to tell the two cuts apart is by the specific shape of the diamond. Emerald cuts have an elongated, rectangular shape whereas asscher cuts are generally square. Both cuts have cropped corners; however, since the asscher cut diamond is square, not rectangular, the cropped corners give the asscher cut a somewhat octagonal shape. Asscher cut diamonds also have larger step facets, a higher crown, and a smaller table, which produces more brilliance than an emerald cut diamond. To be certain the diamond you’re interested in is an asscher cut, look for the “X” pattern that shows when you view the diamond from the top down.

Asscher cut diamonds are very versatile and can be used for any type of jewelry. They are most commonly seen in engagement rings, stud earrings, and tennis bracelets. Asscher cut diamonds present best in a four prong setting by creating a more sophisticated look and allowing more light to enter the stone, increasing its flash and fire. A great way to add more brilliance to an asscher cut diamond is by pairing it with a halo setting. Regardless of how you wear it, an asscher cut diamond is an elegant and classy alternative if you’re looking for an emerald cut but desire a square shape.
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