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Black Diamonds

One of the most commonly asked questions is, “Are black diamonds real?” The simplest answer is this: of course, they’re real! Black diamonds are truly unique and make a bold statement. While black diamonds may not have as much brilliance and fire as white or other colored diamonds, they are still beautiful in their own way. Like all colored diamonds, there are two distinct kinds of black diamonds: natural and treated.

  • Natural black diamonds- Bear with us for one quick second; we’re about to get technical. Black diamonds appear opaque because of their polycrystalline structure which prevents them from reflecting light. What does that even mean? This means there is an impure form of the crystal structure of the diamond consisting of diamond, graphite, and amorphous carbon. That’s enough science now. To break it down into simpler terms, black diamonds have a high amount of inclusions, meaning clusters of graphite formed inside of them to the point where they appear black. Essentially, these beauties receive their mesmerizing color from Mother Nature. Natural fancy black diamonds are fairly rare and expensive.
  • Treated black diamonds- These types of black diamonds are obviously not natural. Treated black diamonds are actually white diamonds with a high amount of inclusions in them. Due to these inclusions, many jewelers decide to enhance the color of the diamond artificially with heat treatment or irradiation to create a more desirable black diamond. Heat treated black diamonds are less expensive than natural black diamonds; however, the demand is quite low since most prefer the real thing.

Since black diamonds are opaque, you don’t have to worry about color or clarity. When shopping for a black diamond your main focus should be cut! This allows you to focus all of your attention on the diamond’s sparkle. Black diamonds are dramatic and sexy. They’re a showstopper that looks just as good in a sparkly engagement ring as it does in a pair of everyday earrings. These unique diamonds are stunning as a stand-alone piece or as a contrasting accent to mixed gemstone jewelry. So if you’re looking for diamond jewelry that truly stands out from the crowd, black diamonds are the ones for you. View our selection of natural and treated black diamonds to add a bewitching appeal to any look.
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