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Brown Diamonds

When you think of a diamond, what image comes to mind? If you’re like most people, you probably envisioned a sparkling, white diamond. This is very typical. The general discussion about diamonds usually revolves around white or colorless diamonds. But what many people don’t realize is the fact that diamonds come in a plethora of colors! The color spectrum of diamonds includes the entire rainbow, but one of the more unique colors of diamonds is brown. You might be thinking brown sounds like a hideous color for a diamond, and if so, you’re wrong! Brown diamonds have a unique appeal to them. The beautiful thing about brown diamonds, besides their unique color, is their endless shades of colors and affordable prices.

For many years, brown diamonds were considered ugly and were simply undesired. However, times and styles have changed. Like most colored diamonds, brown diamonds come in a variety of different shades and hues. Ranging from light to dark and often accompanied by a touch of orange, yellow, and even pink, brown diamonds truly are mesmerizing. Brown diamonds usually have a main color and supporting secondary hues. There are a few different names for brown diamonds since they are available in numerous shades. If a brown diamond has no secondary hue, it is simply referred to as a brown diamond. However, if there is a hint of pink or yellow in a brown diamond it is referred to as a champagne diamond. There are also cognac diamonds. Cognac diamonds feature a secondary hue of orange. Generally speaking, the stronger the color, the more expensive the diamond will be. A dark or deep brown diamond will be more expensive than a light brown diamond. Similarly, the rarer the secondary hue is, the more expensive the diamond will be. Yellow diamonds are much more common than pink diamonds, so a champagne diamond with a brighter yellow hue will be less expensive than one with a pinker hue. Orange diamonds are rarer than yellow and pink diamonds, so cognac diamonds will be a bit more expensive. Keep in mind, the demand for colored diamonds has spiked over the past years. Brown diamonds are increasing in popularity, but they are still fairly affordable. If you’re looking to break free from the traditional white diamond, the different options of brown diamonds might be the way to go.

Our brown diamond collection at Leo Hamel’s in San Diego features different shades and intensities from phosphorescent champagne to deep cognac. These sophisticated diamonds’ various hues are a shining complement to any down-to-earth style. Which brown diamond is your favorite?
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