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Cartier Store San Diego

When you hear the word Cartier, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Is it an intricate necklace? A beautiful, romantic Trinity ring? Or maybe it’s an artfully designed watch? Regardless of which piece of fine jewelry popped into your imagination, there is one thing everyone can agree upon: Cartier equals luxury. If you’re looking for a Cartier store in San Diego, Leo Hamel Fine Jewelers should be one of your top choices. Rather than paying the original retail price from a Cartier store, we offer the best on deals on Cartier jewelry and watches in San Diego.

Originally a watchmaker who expanded into the fine jewelry industry, every piece of Cartier jewelry is iconic and timeless. While Cartier has plenty of dazzling collections, some of the more popular ones include:

  • Tank- One of the most popular collections from Cartier is the Tank watch collection. This legendary watch was born in 1917 and is still an iconic timepiece to this day. Characterized by its crisp, clean lines, rectangular shape, and unmatched timeless appeal, the Cartier Tank is a symbol of class and elegance. Although there are many different models and styles for both men and women, each Cartier Tank quartz movement watch features the Cartier signature design of black Roman numerals. The classic appearance of the Cartier Tank is suitable for both formal and casual attire.
  • Trinity de Cartier- Created in 1924 by Louis Cartier, Trinity de Cartierwas originally a ring collection. Now, it has expanded to include necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Each piece of jewelry in the Trinity de Cartier collection is a unique piece of movable jewelry that consists of three interlaced yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold bands. Each colored band symbolizes different aspects of relationships- white gold represents friendship; yellow gold stands for loyalty; and rose gold symbolizes true love. Each piece is meaningful in its own right and is open to your own interpretation.
  • 1895- One of Cartier’s more popular engagement collections is Solitaire 1895. A Cartier classic since 1895, these solitaire engagement rings have a unique and elegant design with a gentle setting that allows the light of the diamond to flow freely, creating maximum brilliance and fire. Options include solid platinum and yellow gold bands or channel set bands. Each ring perfectly encapsulates excellence and delicacy.
Catch the light with mesmerizing Cartier jewelry. Our selection of watches, bracelets, and rings will glitter and gleam to add that extra shine to any occasion. If there is a specific piece of Cartier jewelry you’re looking for that you just can’t seem to find in our store in San Diego, don’t fret! Our personal shoppers will help find it for you.
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