Cushion-Cut Diamonds

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Cushion-Cut Diamonds

Before round brilliant cut diamonds were developed, cushion cut diamonds were the most popular diamond cut. Now, cushion cut diamonds are making a comeback because of their elegant style, incredible sparkle, and great value. Cushion cut diamonds have a long history of adoration by virtue of their classic elegance. This design combines a rectangular or square shape with round corners, creating a soft and romantic feel. The open shape of the table and many facets of the pavilion display a tremendous amount of sparkle and shine, making these cuts one of the most brilliant available. As popular as these diamonds are, they are also slightly confusing because there are so many different variations of the cushion cut diamond. Let us break it down for you so you know the exact type of cushion cut diamond you desire:

  • Cushion brilliant cut: similar faceting arrangement as round brilliant cut diamonds; facets extend from the center of the diamond, resembling a star
  • Modified cushion brilliant cut: contains an extra row of facets just below the girdle, resembling a flower
  • Chunky cushion cut: clearly defined facet patterns when looking down into the table of a face-up oriented diamond
  • Broken glass/crushed ice cushion cut: no discernible faceting when looking through the table; all you can see is what looks like broken glass or crushed ice- a disorganized space of sparkle
There is no specific variation of the cushion cut diamond that is better than another- it simply depends on your personal style and preference. The setting you choose is the biggest factor in how a cushion cut diamond will actually look when being worn. The most common setting for cushion cut diamonds is the classic 4 prong since it allows the most light to enter the stone, creating maximum brilliance. Whether worn as earrings, a ring, a necklace, or more, cushion cut diamonds are a classic and elegant choice.
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