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Custom Wedding Rings San Diego

Sometimes the perfect representation of the love shared between you and your significant other cannot be expressed enough with the purchase of a wedding ring. Instead, you’d rather be a part of the design process and create a custom wedding ring that is the quintessential combination of you and your spouse. Only the two of you know the unique story of your lives together; it’s fair to say only you will be able to perfectly capture the love you share in a custom wedding ring. If you’re wondering where to design custom wedding rings in San Diego, you’ve come to the right place. Inspired by your true love and passion, our custom design process makes creating an extraordinary symbol of your devotion as simple as possible.

Whether you’re looking to design an engagement ring, a man or woman’s wedding band, or a complete bridal set, our Master Jewelers are here to help you every step of the way. Tell us your visions and we’ll embody your fairytale romance in a masterpiece of jewelry. The possibilities are endless when it comes to designing custom wedding rings.

Custom Engagement Ring Ideas- Engagement rings should be unique to the wearer and the special bond you two share. If you want to perfectly capture her style and personality, as well as tell a story about your extraordinary romance, custom designing an engagement ring is the ideal way to go. Here are a few quick ideas:

  • Add colored gemstones- If the special lady in your life is all about color, accenting a diamond center stone with colored gemstones adds a modern twist to the classic engagement ring. Sapphires and rubies are popular choices, but you can opt for any colored gemstone to use for side stones, halos, or pavé bands.
  • Choose a unique diamond shape- Rather than selecting a round brilliant cut center stone, try choosing a fancy diamond shape. Heart and pear shaped diamonds are popular for engagement rings.
  • Create a vintage inspired look- Some women admire the style of vintage jewelry, but desire a new engagement ring that has never been worn before. Use beautiful filigree details and unique patterns and shapes to create a modern, vintage-inspired look.
  • Select a colored diamond- Dare to be different and go with a colored diamond. A colored diamond really stands out and can be unique to her favorite color.
  • Design a one-of-a-kind setting- Be extra creative and design an intricate setting. Mix and match different precious metals or twist and turn the metal to create a symbolic representation of your intertwined lives.
Custom Wedding Band Ideas- Custom designing wedding bands is a great way to ensure your rings truly represent you and your loved one. You can create your own unique style, mix different precious metals, or even add each other’s birthstones on the band as a symbol of your commitment. Engraving your wedding bands is also a wonderful way to further personalize them and always carry a sweet reminder of your special someone. Different engraving ideas we’ve seen on custom wedding rings include:

  • Fingerprints: Your partner’s fingerprint can be engraved on the inside or outside of your wedding band so you always carry a little piece of them with you.
  • Your initials together: SD + JC or SD & JC – it’s a sweet and simple representation of your commitment to each other.
  • Special dates: 7.2.12 or 7/2/12 -any dates that have a special meaning to the two of you- the day you met, the day you got engaged, your wedding date, etc.
  • The coordinates of where you met: If you first locked eyes in San Diego, CA have 32.7157 ° N, 117.1611 ° W engraved on your custom wedding ring.
  • A meaningful quote: Whether it’s a line from your favorite poem, a romantic song lyric, or a symbolic bible verse, a quote is a beautiful and unique detail to add to your rings. If it’s too long, try using abbreviations or splitting it between both of your rings.
  • Infinity symbol: Pay tribute to your everlasting love with a simple infinity symbol.
  • Nicknames: Every couple has adorable, yet slightly embarrassing, pet names for each other, so rings are the perfect place to hide them.
  • Something funny: If humor is more your style, have an inside joke or a quirky phrase, like “Non-refundable,” engraved on your wedding band.
For the best custom wedding rings in San Diego, visit Leo Hamel Fine Jewelry and Engagement Ring Store on San Diego Avenue. Meet with our expert jewelers to watch your visions come to life. Your one-of-a-kind love will be perfectly captured in your one-of-a-kind wedding rings, ensuring your happily ever after.
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