Emerald-Cut Diamonds

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Emerald-Cut Diamonds

Looking for a diamond that is truly unique and unlike any other cut? We have the perfect choice for you. Close your eyes. Take yourself back in time for a brief moment and imagine what it was like when you were a kid in a fun house at a carnival. There was always one passageway that consisted of a hall of mirrors, which appeared to have no end in sight. This is the exact appearance of an emerald cut diamond. The hall of mirrors effect of an emerald cut diamond is a beautiful illusion that creates broad flashes of white light to contrast the dark planes. Most diamonds are brilliant cut, which emphasizes sparkle and brilliance. Emerald cuts are not like most diamonds. Emerald diamonds are step cut, meaning its outlines are square or rectangular and its facets are straight lines that are arranged parallel to the girdle. The unique appearance of this cut is created by the step cuts of its pavilion, its large table, and cropped corners.

Because of the different design of this cut, emerald cut diamonds have a way of appearing larger than they actually are, which in turn makes the wearers finger look longer and slimmer when worn as a ring. Emerald cut diamonds are also very versatile and dazzle in any type of setting, making this diamond perfect for customization. Pair emerald cut diamonds with baguette side stones to magnify sparkle, surround the diamond with a pavé halo or band, or simply allow the diamond to shine on its own. While emerald cut diamonds might not have as much sparkle and glitz as other diamond cuts, they boast a classic elegance that is unparalleled. Their vintage look and feel have helped emerald cut diamonds gain popularity as center stones for engagement rings, necklaces, and more. If you’re looking for a truly unique diamond with endless, mesmerizing beauty, the emerald cut diamond is absolutely perfect for you.
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