Garnet Gemstones

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Garnet Gemstones

For those that appreciate the spiritual power of gemstones, garnet is the one for you due to its many different healing properties. Garnet is the birthstone for January. Perhaps the strongest virtue of garnet is its ability to help overcome depression. The stone revitalizes, purifies and balances energy, and brings serenity as needed. Garnet promotes self-confidence and allows one’s inner spirit to radiate and flourish. Garnet also has a calming effect that brings courage and hope when it seems like there is none left. If you’re experiencing a difficult time in life, maybe it’s time for some garnet jewelry!

At a brief glance, red garnet can easily be confused for ruby. Both are a beautiful red color; however, the two gemstones have some key differences that are important to be able to spot. Rubies are harder, are a much more brilliant red, and are more expensive- you don’t want to pay for a ruby but end up wearing a garnet. When shopping for garnet gemstones it is important to pay close attention to the color so it is not confused for a ruby. If you’ve found a red gemstone with undertones of orange or other earthy tones, it is a garnet. Another way to tell if the gemstone you’ve come across is a garnet is to examine the way it reflects light. Hold the stone up to a bright light source and move it around until you are able to see reflections of other colors. If there are yellow and green bands, the stone in question is a garnet, not a ruby. Of course, the most accurate way to be sure if your gemstone is a garnet is to ask your local jeweler. Here at Leo Hamel's, we’re happy to help examine to gemstone so you can be one hundred percent certain what kind of stone it is. Garnets are probably the trickiest gemstones you will ever come across- not just because they are a similar shade to rubies, but because they are available in other colors, too! Each color of garnet also holds a different meaning.

  • Pyrope Garnet- the most fiery of the garnet, pyrope restores the will to live when life has hit an all-time low. It helps relieve anxiety, promote composure, and dissipate uneasiness.
  • Spessartine- the orange colored garnet, spessartine, boosts fertility and libido. It also encourages one to be more spontaneous, impulsive, and intuitive, alleviating the fear of failure.
  • Andradite- this color of garnet is available in yellow and yellowish green. Andradite brings emotional strength, stability and balance, and promotes self-esteem in those who rely too much on the approval of others.
Our collection of glittering garnet gemstones includes a rich palette of colors- deep reds, fiery oranges, flashy greens, and vibrant purples. Browse our selection for the best cut and color for your vivid style.
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