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Loose Diamonds San Diego

When you think of the best deals for loose diamonds in San Diego, we want you to think Leo Hamel Fine Jewelers. Leo Hamel Fine Jewelers offers the best selection of loose diamonds in San Diego. Regardless of shape, style, carat weight, and budget, we have something for everyone. Our broad collection of loose diamonds will make discovering the best fit for your delicate setting a breeze. Our welcoming staff will help you decide which loose diamond shape is the best match for your elegant setting. We’ll be sure you understand the pros and cons of each diamond shape when set in your jewelry to ensure a secure fit and maximum brilliance. Bring the setting into our remarkable showroom on San Diego Avenue and see what each loose diamond looks like when meticulously set. Leo Hamel Fine Jewelers carries all shapes and sizes of loose diamonds including:

  • Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds- most popular shape with the most sparkle
  • Princess Cut Diamonds- most popular fancy shaped diamond; square or rectangular
  • Radiant Cut Diamonds-modified brilliant-cut; lovely mixture of cushion and princess cuts
  • Emerald Cut Diamonds-rectangular shape with step cuts
  • Cushion Cut Diamonds- square cut with rounded corners
  • Asscher Cut Diamonds- similar to emerald cut, but square shaped with a smaller table
  • Oval Cut Diamonds- modified brilliant-cut; elongated shape
  • Marquise Cut Diamonds- modified brilliant-cut; long and narrow football shape
  • Pear Cut Diamonds-modified brilliant- cut; combination of round and marquise shapes; tapered point on one end
  • Heart Cut Diamonds-modified brilliant-cut; precisely and symmetrically cut into the shape of a heart
Purchasing a loose diamond allows you to more easily discern its value because you can visualize the 4 C's: carat weight, clarity, cut, and color. From traditional white diamonds to naturally colored diamonds, Leo Hamel Fine Jewelers offers the best variety of loose diamonds at affordable prices in San Diego. Take your time perusing all the options available to you- we’re here to make sure you leave with a brilliant diamond and shining smile.
“The staff is professional, welcoming and knowledgeable! ”
-Diane S. - Yelp
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“Terrific service, and we will definitely return as the occasion arises.”
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