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Morganite Jewelry

Is your style pretty in pink? If so, morganite is the perfect gemstone for you. Morganite is the delicate, peachy-pink variety of beryl, cousin to more familiar beryls like emerald and aquamarine. Among the variations of beryl, morganite is one of the rarest. The captivating blush tones of morganite range from soft pinks to warm peach. Morganite jewelry is highly valued for its unique color. In fact, morganite engagement rings are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to the traditional diamond ring. What could be more appropriate for a blushing bride-to-be?

The warm, rich tones of morganite perfectly complement all skin tones, making morganite jewelry flattering for just about anyone. One of the most popular options when opting for a morganite gemstone is paring it with a rose gold setting. Rose gold accentuates the pinkish shade of morganite beautifully. The combination creates an incredibly stunning piece of jewelry, whether worn as a ring, necklace, earrings, or bracelet. Morganite stuns as a center stone, but adding accent diamonds helps to enhance the color of this gorgeous gemstone.

Not only is morganite jewelry simply beautiful to look at, it also has other redeeming qualities including durability, luster, clarity, and brilliance. Morganite ranks a 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness, making it a perfect selection for daily wear. This gemstone is typically found with few inclusions. Its eye-clean appearance, attractive vitreous luster, and beautiful pink shine makes morganite jewelry an eye-catching addition to your collection.

Morganite Meaning

Morganite is known as the stone of love, yet another reason this glittering gemstone is a fantastic choice for engagement rings! It attracts love and helps maintain it. Morganite promotes abundance of the heart and prosperity of love. It is known to aid in developing trust and brings a sense of joy and inner strength. It inspires feelings of compassion, assurance, healing, and promise. If you’re looking for a gemstone with significant meaning to give as a gift to a special someone, morganite jewelry makes an excellent choice.
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