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Oval Diamonds

So, you’re looking for a diamond with the same fire and brilliance as round brilliant cuts, but you desire something with a bit more flair. Here at Leo Hamel’s we have exactly what you’re looking for in a diamond. Say hello to oval diamonds.

Oval diamonds are a variation of the round brilliant cut, showcasing a unique elongated shape that glistens exquisitely. In fact, many women actually prefer an oval diamond over the popular round brilliant cut because the oval shape makes the diamond appear larger. Oval diamonds also help to elongate the fingers, making them look daintier and more elegant, which many women desire. The oval shaped diamond is popular for its sleek, modern look and incredible sparkle that instantly brightens the room.

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Just like round brilliant cuts, oval diamonds are very versatile and dazzle in any type of jewelry. If you’re stuck and can’t decide between an oval cut or round brilliant cut diamond, consider pairing the two together! Because of their similarities oval diamonds perfectly complement round brilliant diamonds. Try setting an oval diamond as your centerpiece with smaller round brilliant accents—you’ll instantly fall in love.

For those who lead an active lifestyle, oval shaped diamonds are an excellent choice since there are no pointed edges that have the potential to chip or break. The curved shape of oval diamonds makes them suitable for any type of setting. Let your oval diamond sparkle and shine on its own as a solitaire, include other fancy shaped diamond accents, add a halo… there are many different options to explore. Be sure to choose something that suits your specific style, but rest assured—whatever type of setting you select, your oval diamond will look absolutely stunning.

Oval diamonds are the best option for those who adore round brilliant cuts for their radiance and fire, but who desire something a bit more unique. Let us know exactly what you’re looking for and we’ll gladly help you find the oval diamond of your dreams in our extensive collection!
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