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Pear-Cut Diamonds

Pear cut diamonds are a stunning fusion of oval and marquise cut diamonds. The brilliant cut facets and unique shape with one tapered end results in an elegant and graceful design. Oftentimes, pear cut diamonds are referred to as the “teardrop cut”, due to its rounded bottom and narrow, pointed top. Pear cut diamonds are commonly used in necklaces and earrings, but they are gaining popularity as center stones for engagement rings. Many people wonder if there is a specific way to wear pear cut diamonds when worn as a ring. Should the point be facing up or should it be facing down? There is no set rule as to how your pear cut diamond should be worn- this is entirely up to your personal style! Some women even appreciate the versatility of the pear cut diamond so they can change the direction of which it is pointing depending on how they feel on any particular day. While you can technically wear your pear cut diamond whichever way you want, it is more often seen with the tip of the diamond pointing toward the fingertips. When you raise your hand to look at the diamond, it should look like a falling tear drop (hence the nickname). The pear cut is offered in a variety of slim to wide cuts, which has the added benefit of making the wearer’s finger appear longer and slimmer. The pear cut diamonds’ silhouette is its signature. Think about it- do any other diamond cuts have a different shape on the top and the bottom? This is what makes the pear cut diamond so unique and recognizable.

Whether set in a ring, necklace, or earrings, pear cut diamonds make excellent centerpieces. The unique shape and sparkle of pear cut diamonds is truly eye-catching and is sure to draw the attention of others. Conversely, pear cut diamonds can also be used as side stones and will look just as stunning. Regardless of setting, pear cut diamonds are an absolute marvel. Just be sure to protect the pointed tip to prevent any damage to your beautiful diamond.
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