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Peridot Gemstones

When you think of green gemstones, you most likely think of emeralds. But there is another beautiful green gemstone that also deserves recognition… peridot! Peridot is an ancient gemstone with jewelry dating all the way back to pharaohs in Egypt. Similar to the emerald, peridot displays a brilliant green shine. However, peridot is a much lighter green than emerald and is available in a few different shades. The intensity of color depends on the amount of iron present in a peridot’s chemical structure- the more iron it contains, the deeper green it will appear. From brown-green to yellowish-green to pure green, peridot is an excellent choice when looking to add a unique pop of color to your jewelry collection.

Birthstone of the month of August, peridot is also referred to as chrysolite, evening emerald, and olivine. For those that believe in the mystical powers of gemstones, peridot has numerous benefits. Peridot is a wonderful stone to help someone dealing with depression. Peridot is a soothing stone that counters the effects of negative emotions. It fosters emotional balance, security, and inner peace. If you have a friend or loved one who is experiencing difficult times in life, charming peridot jewelry would be a much appreciated and helpful gift.

While peridot is a gorgeous and popular gemstone selection for all kinds of jewelry, it is not the most durable. Peridot is ranked 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness, meaning it is a fairly fragile gemstone. It is more prone to scratches than most other gemstones and can easily chip if banged or bumped again hard surfaces. It is best for peridot to be set in a bezel setting to ensure its safety while being worn, especially as a ring. If you take proper care of your peridot jewelry, you’ll have a gorgeous gemstone to cherish for a lifetime.
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