Princess-Cut Diamonds

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Princess-Cut Diamonds

Interested in jewelry that makes you feel like royalty? If you’re looking for a unique alternative to the round brilliant cut diamond, bow down to the princess cut diamond. The most popular fancy shape for diamonds, princess cuts are adored for their clean shape and sparkling appearance. The princess is traditionally a square cut with sharp corners, creating modern lines and stunning sparkle. Sharing a similar facet pattern on their pavilions as the round brilliant cut, princess diamonds are a close second when it comes to ultimate light performance, brilliance, fire, and sparkle. Princess cut diamonds are a popular choice for their flexibility in working with almost any style of jewelry.

Princess cut diamonds stun as the center stone for a gorgeous ring, especially engagement rings. They also look immaculate as stud earrings or as accents in a bracelet or necklace. Choosing an appropriate setting for a princess cut diamond is very important. A princess cut diamonds sharp edges create a higher potential for chipping or snagging on clothing, hair, etc. To prevent this, it is best to choose a setting that will protect the princess cut diamond from normal wear and tear. These dazzling diamonds look best in a classic prong setting in order to maximize aesthetic beauty and assure a secure fit. Not only will the prongs protect the edges of your princess cut diamond, they also allow the most amount of light to refract from the inverted pyramid shaped diamond, creating a magnificent sparkle. Of all the square cuts, the princess comes the closest to achieving the fire and brilliance of a round brilliant diamond, creating the perfect combination of unique shape, sparkling appearance, and relative price value. Whether you’re looking for an engagement ring, dazzling earrings, or a stunning necklace, an exquisite princess cut diamond is sure to be a royal delight.
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