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Radiant Diamonds

Talk about a diamond that really lives up to its name—radiant diamonds are impressively radiant and lustrous. Relatively new compared to other fancy diamond shapes, radiant diamonds actually take some of the best qualities of other diamond cuts and combine them to make one magnificently cut diamond. Its versatile design combines features of the round brilliant, emerald, cushion, and princess cuts, making it a popular choice for all types of jewelry.

Considered a hybrid diamond cut, radiant diamonds combine the step-cut faceting of the emerald cut with the brilliant cut faceting of round brilliant diamonds. The result is a vibrant and lively square diamond with the sparkle and shine of a round diamond. The cropped, square shaped corners of radiant cut diamonds are a nice bridge between princess and cushion cuts. So, if you’re having a hard time deciding which type of diamond you desire, radiant diamonds make the decision that much easier, offering a little bit of everything.

Radiant Diamond Jewelry

Radiant diamonds have a unique shape that perfectly complements both round and square diamonds. Accent a radiant cut diamond with baguette or emerald diamonds, opt for maximum brilliance with a halo setting, or set radiant diamonds in an elegant wedding band or tennis bracelet—the possibilities are endless. If these various combinations seem too overwhelming, you can never go wrong with a radiant cut solitaire.

Searching for the perfect ring to propose with? A radiant diamond engagement ring looks truly mesmerizing and will catch eyes from across the room. Because of their uniqueness and versatility, radiant cut diamonds look stunning in almost all types of settings. Although, we’d like to make one suggestion. Bezel settings are not a great choice for radiant diamonds because it will seriously dull their shine, and that’s what diamonds are all about, right? For those who appreciate the sparkle and fire of round diamonds and the classic look of emerald cuts, radiant diamonds were made especially for you.
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