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Tanzanite Jewelry

Have you ever heard of the gemstone tanzanite? Maybe you’ve received tanzanite jewelry as a gift and mistaken it for sapphire. This is actually a very common mistake for jewelry wearers to make. While tanzanite jewelry is fairly popular, this blue gemstone is actually rather rare. In fact, it is so rare it has only one source—the Manyara Region of Northern Tanzania, near majestic Mount Kilimanjaro.

Discovered in 1967, tanzanite is a blue colored specimen of the mineral zoisite. The name tanzanite reflects the stone’s limited geographic origin. Tiffany & Co. was actually the first company to market blue zoisite as tanzanite, and the name stuck. Tanzanite has become the second most popular blue gemstone, second only to sapphire. If you’re looking for gorgeous blue gemstones, tanzanite jewelry is a less expensive alternative to sapphire.

Tanzanite Color

The beautiful shades of tanzanite range from lush blue to vibrant violet to deep, rich purple. Tanzanite is actually a very unique gemstone. One of the most alluring aspects of tanzanite is its pleochroic quality. Not sure what that means? Let us explain. Pleochroism is an optical phenomenon in which a substance displays different colors when viewed from various angles. This means tanzanite jewelry can appear to change color when viewed from different directions. The most exceptional tanzanite is an intense violet blue with red flashes of pleochroic color glistening from the stone. Cutting tanzanite can be a crucial task for jewelers since the way the stone is cut determines the color that consumers will see. As with most gemstones, the paler colors are more available and affordable than deeply saturated ones.

The mesmerizing colors of exotic tanzanite make a great choice as center stones and side stones in all kinds of jewelry. Pair with diamonds and you’ll see how tanzanite jewelry can truly sparkle and shine. Dare to dazzle with any piece from our collection of these radiant gemstones.
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