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Turquoise Gemstones

Fitting for any vintage or contemporary style, turquoise is a bold, eye-catching statement and makes a standout addition to your jewelry collection. For those that appreciate bigger, chunkier, attention-grabbing jewelry, turquoise should be your go-to gemstone. Turquoise is a relatively soft gemstone, which makes it ideal for carving unique pieces of jewelry. Turquoise makes exquisite bracelets and necklaces, as well as smaller pieces like earrings and rings. Numerous different shades of turquoise pair well with other colored gemstones and all types of precious metals. Turquoise might lack the sparkle and clarity of transparent colored gemstones, but what it lacks in brilliance, it makes up for in soul-satisfying color. Its color can range from dull greens to grass greens to a bright, sky-blue. There are four distinct types of turquoise that are recognizable by the specific color they display:

  • Eilat stone- a greenish-blue mixture of turquoise and other secondary copper minerals, which is mined from copper mines near Eilat, Israel.
  • Kingman turquoise- mined near Kingman, Arizona, Kingman turquoise is known for its many variations of rich, vibrant color.
  • Navajo turquoise- turquoise that comes from South West America with brown or black webbed veins or spots throughout the stone.
  • Persian turquoise- Iranian turquoise of high quality that tends to be pure sky-blue in color. This is the most sought after color of turquoise.
Turquoise is the birthstone for the month of December and the gift given in celebration of fifth and eleventh wedding anniversaries. Turquoise has a long history of use as a talisman or amulet. Belief in the special powers of turquoise has been talked about for centuries, especially by the ancient Egyptians and Native Americans. It is believed that turquoise can protect its wearer from harm while bringing good luck and longevity. In lighter shades, turquoise energy is thought to promote inner harmony and peace. Darker, richer tones are thought to counter intolerance and let us adapt to new ideas and environments. Turquoise has been a fashion favorite for centuries. Whether worn during day or night, you can never go wrong with a stunning turquoise gemstone.
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