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Vintage Tiffany Necklace

Since 1837, Tiffany & Co. has been one of the most sought after brand names for jewelry. Recognized for their world-renowned jewelry and socially and environmentally responsible practices, Tiffany & Co. is notably still the world’s trusted maker of gifts that will be treasured for a lifetime. Delicate, feminine, and stunning, our Tiffany collection includes vintage necklaces that are bound to take your breath away.

You can never go wrong with a vintage Tiffany necklace. Looking for a charming birthday gift for a loved one? Buy her a vintage Tiffany necklace. Celebrating your special someone’s newest accomplishment? A vintage Tiffany necklace is a great way to show just how proud of her you are. Want to impress your lady with a beautiful Christmas gift? A vintage Tiffany necklace can do just that. There are so many different reasons to buy a vintage Tiffany necklace for your loved one. Or you don’t even need a reason at all! Vintage Tiffany necklaces are perfect “just because” gifts as well. The variety of vintage Tiffany necklaces is astonishing, but there are a few styles that are very popular and recognizable as Tiffany.

  • Return to Tiffany®- One of Tiffany’s most popular collections, Return to Tiffany® originated in 1969 and is still held in high regard. The entire line is inspired by the original Return to Tiffany® key ring. Each necklace is inscribed with the reminder that there’s no place like Tiffany. The idea behind the collection was to be able to reunite necklace with its owner if it was ever lost.
  • Tiffany Keys- Another popular design for vintage Tiffany necklaces is the key. Key necklaces are unique because their meaning is open-ended. Vintage Tiffany key necklaces can be given to someone in your family or friend group without any romantic meaning. The key symbolizes an unlocking of future life potential, exciting new experiences in life, and opportunities for knowledge. On the other hand, they can also be gifted to a romantic partner. Most often, they are worn as a “key to your heart” since they are worn closest to the heart.
  • Tiffany Charm Tags- These charming necklaces come with a special message engraved on them. You can select one with a message already included, like “Girl Power” or “Yours Truly.” or you can opt to write your own sentimental saying that is unique to you and the wearer.

The options are infinite when it comes to vintage Tiffany necklaces. To paraphrase Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, “nothing bad could happen to you with a necklace like this!”
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