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Wedding Bands San Diego

What do wedding bands represent? A wedding band is worn as a symbol of your love and commitment. It is your way of showing the world you’ve found the one you’ve chosen to spend the rest of your life with. You wear this ring as an expression of your unique love story and in commemoration of your special day. Just like your love, a circle has no beginning or end- it is infinite and endless. Wedding bands are meaningful representations of your eternal love and agreement to cherish one another for the rest of your days. But do you know why wedding rings are worn on the fourth finger of the left hand? The reason for this can actually be traced back to ancient times. Ancient Romans believed the vein in the fourth finger of the left hand (a.k.a. the ring finger) ran directly to one’s heart. Due to this belief, the vein was called “vena amoris” or vein of love. Naturally, wedding bands were placed on the finger that housed the vein of love to signify the romance the newly married couple share. A beautiful physical, and metaphorical, representation of two hearts forever connected. Now, there is no set rule that states you must wear your wedding band on your left hand. It is, however, a very customary practice. As with all styles though, it is entirely up to your personal preference. When it comes to wedding bands and engagement rings, there are no rules dictating how they must be worn or expressed. Many women choose to perfectly match their wedding band with their engagement ring. The style, the shape, the gemstones, everything is almost exact. Other women choose to go an entirely different route. Many men choose to match their wedding band with the band of their bride-to-be. Others don’t, and instead they select a wedding band that is unique to their personal style. Wedding bands symbolize you as an individual and you two as a couple. There are so many different options. From vintage to modern, from diamond encrusted to engraved, from sparkling diamonds to glittering colored gemstones… no matter what you decide, your wedding bands should be true to you and your forever love. Our wide selection of wedding bands will reflect your commitment and devotion with unprecedented brilliance.
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