The 6 Cs of Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring in Carlsbad

You finally decided to make it official – congratulations! What's left is for you to find the perfect ring so you can tell her about your intentions. After doing some groundwork, you have realized that the best pick for your fiancée-to-be would be a diamond ring and you do not want to compromise on quality.

As a diamond ring customer in Carlsbad, you want to know that what you get is worth what you paid. This article touches on some crucial aspects that you can use to tell apart different diamonds so that you can know exactly what you are buying.


When trying to understand the stone on the engagement ring, this may be not only the most challenging aspect but also the most important. When you hear about a diamond's cut, the most likely thing that comes to mind is probably the shape. However, a diamond's cut is all about how it interacts with light.

The precision of the cut determines how well diamonds refract light and shine with brilliance. The degree of skill that goes into achieving a diamond's best cut is one determinant of the cost of the engagement ring. Even to the untrained eye, the difference between an ideal, excellent, very good, good and poor cut may be observed under strong lighting.


When it comes to diamond quality, diamond color means the absence of color. The most desirable diamonds are the colorless ones as they refract the most light (i.e. produce the most sparkle). Off-white diamonds are less desirable since they absorb light, consequently hindering their brilliance.

When shopping for an engagement ring in Carlsbad, you need to know that many of these color distinctions are imperceptible to the untrained eye, especially when the diamond is mounted in a ring. However, you can ask to know the difference in color as it contributes significantly to the diamond quality and the final price of your ring.


During the natural formation of diamonds, they may incur some internal and external flaws known as inclusions and blemishes respectively. The visibility, size, and number of these characteristics determine the diamond's clarity.

Although most diamonds are not 100% pure, the higher the clarity, the more valuable the stone. The diamond's clarity also affects its brilliance which as you may have noted, affects its beauty.


A diamond's weight is measured in carats. One carat is divided into 100 points. When a jeweler at Carlsbad describes your engagement ring as a seventy-five pointer, it means that its diamond weighs 0.75 carats.

While all the other salient features are equal, a diamond's price will increase with its carat weight. Larger diamonds cost more per carat than smaller ones, because smaller diamonds are much more plentiful compared to larger ones. Only about one diamond crystal out of every one million diamond crystals mined yields a good quality one-carat cut stone.


A diamond certificate can be a good way to know the diamond's exact specifications, if it’s issued by a respected independent laboratory like the GIA. The report includes measurements, clarity, carat weight, cut and color. The certificate also serves as a proof of the identity of the diamond.

However, you should know that the certificate does not indicate the value of the diamond, since that amount can fluctuate depending on supply and demand. Buying an engagement ring with a certified diamond will help you make an informed choice about the selection of your gem.


There are many options for buying a diamond engagement ring in Carlsbad and San Diego County. However, your ideal choice is the one that instills confidence. The purchase you are about to make is very significant in terms of value and the occasion.

When you think of it, a diamond engagement ring fits the definition of a “blind item”; an item for which it is difficult to know if you are getting the real value. It is, therefore, important to identify a store that is trustworthy. After more than 37 years in business, Leo Hamel Fine Jewelers is the ideal choice for buying a diamond ring to make your engagement official.

When buying a diamond engagement ring in Carlsbad, you should know that your decision goes beyond jewelry, money or tradition. It’s a very personal choice. With guidance from your chosen experts, you will choose the diamond and engagement ring that is right for you and your fiancée.