How to Get the Most for Your Money When Buying an Engagement Ring in Chula vista

When buying an engagement ring in Chula Vista, you want to find the right engagement ring that will make your girlfriend happy. But it does need to fit into your budget. To make sure that you start your marriage on the right financial track, here are some simple ways to get the best value on your engagement ring.

Beware buying online

You may think that you can save more on your engagement ring by buying from online stores. However, many people will advise against buying an engagement ring without seeing it, especially if it is a diamond. Without seeing the diamond in person, you are stuck accepting their word for its quality and beauty. And many online stores don’t have favorable return policies. 

It does make sense to browse online for styles that you and your fiancée like, and even print out or save pictures to show your local jeweler when you do go shopping for an engagement ring in Chula Vista. has pages of engagement rings that you can shop at your leisure, and you will love the competitive prices.

Alternatives for a diamond ring

If your fiancée is not too conventional, you can go for something different from the traditional diamond ring, for example, choosing rubies, sapphires or emeralds for the center stone. These alternative picks are also rated highly on the Mohs hardness scale, meaning that they will resist damage from being worn daily, just like the diamond. They are also alluring by nature, which makes them a stunning choice for your engagement plans.

Colored gemstones have been at the center of many famous engagement rings, such as the sapphire ring worn by Princess Diana, and Elizabeth Taylor’s cabochon sapphire and emerald engagement rings. Other celebrities who sported gemstone engagement rings include Penelope Cruz, Jessica Simpson, Elizabeth Hurley, Halle Berry, Olivia Wilde, Ashlee Simpson, Victoria Beckham, and Jackie Kennedy.

Accept the flaws

Diamond quality is based on a criterion of cut, carat, clarity and color. When buying an engagement ring, you must balance size of the diamond against color and clarity. When it comes to color, colorless diamonds fetch higher prices than those with slightly yellow tints. When grading for clarity, a diamond is checked for blemishes and inclusions (flaws). The more flaws it has, the lower the price.

However, in some diamonds, these factors are not visible to the untrained naked eye. Flaws that can’t be seen with the naked eye can reduce the price of a diamond without detracting from its visible beauty, and can be a good choice to get a larger diamond for the same price.

Go a fraction lower on the carat

The most popular weights for diamonds tend to be measured in quarter, half and full carats, such as 0.50 carat, 0.75 carat, 1.00 carat, 1.25 carat, etc. What you probably don't know is that a slight difference in weight can cause a major disparity in price between a 0.95 carat diamond and a 1.00 carat diamond. However, it’s difficult for most people to distinguish a 0.90 or 0.80 carat stone from a 1.00 carat stone, especially in a mounting. Buying a 0.90 carat diamond instead of a 1.00 carat diamond can stretch your budget to fit a larger diamond.

Choose a non-traditional setting

Choosing many little diamonds instead of one big center stone can give you a big look for not as much money. A good choice for your engagement ring might be the halo style ring. A halo setting is a ring where the center rock is surrounded by much smaller diamonds. Not only does the style enhance the ring's visual impact, but it also makes it appear like you are getting more than your money's worth.

Halos make the center stone appear larger and also add to the ring's sparkle and flare. In addition, round diamonds are often more costly per carat than a princess, heart, or an oval shape diamond, depending on color and clarity of course.

Vintage over new

A great way to get more value for your money is to shop vintage engagement rings. Vintage rings can be 6 months old or 60 years old. Since the diamond itself is virtually impervious to wear, and the precious metals wear very slowly, a vintage ring can look and wear just like a brand new one, but will cost significantly less. Leo Hamel Fine Jewelers is the best place near Chula Vista to shop for vintage engagement rings. Our selection changes daily.

Opt for a cheaper metal

There are many precious metal varieties to choose from when selecting the band for your engagement ring. They include platinum, titanium, and gold. You can also choose between white gold, yellow gold or rose gold. Where platinum is a more trendy and durable choice, it is also more expensive. But it’s a great choice if it fits the budget.

Stick to your budget

It is not prudent or even romantic to buy an overly expensive engagement ring at the expense of your financial security. Stay sober and choose a ring that will make her happy. What counts the most is the fact that you are showing that you are ready to commit to the person you love. And you can always upgrade to a larger diamond down the road when finances permit.