Tips for Buying a Custom Engagement Ring in Coronado

Every romantic relationship is unique. When shopping for an engagement ring in Coronado, you should get one that uniquely fits your love and the finger that will bear it forever. The specifications of that exceptional ring vary from one couple to the next as we all have different tastes.

Some are fortunate enough to find a ring that has the perfect blend of different elements, including metal, setting, diamonds or gemstones, while others need a special touch to customize their rings further. Some already have a rough idea of how they want the ring to look but can't find a similar design anywhere. Here are some tips for buying a custom engagement ring that tells your love story.

Start early

If you want a perfect custom engagement ring, then you should avoid a last minute rush at all costs. If you are able, start by sketching out a rough idea of the engagement ring you want. Or search the internet for a similar design. Acquiring photos of the different elements you want in the ring is helpful.

Note that you can only end up with exactly what you want if you disclose every little detail to the jeweler. Ask to review a mock design and ask lots of questions. Although the designer is the expert, that is your ring, and you shouldn't be shy to voice your concerns. At Leo Hamel’s, our expert jewelers will be happy to work with you until you are fully satisfied.

Choose a reputable jeweler

Choosing your ideal jeweler should be like selecting a family doctor. Before committing to any jeweler, do your research online for reputable jewelers, and ask friends and family for personal recommendations. There are a number of jewelers to choose from in Coronado, but you want one that inspires confidence and trust, such as Leo Hamel Fine Jewelers in San Diego. A short drive can make all the difference in your end result.

If you choose to buy a diamond, make sure that it comes with a certificate from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). You can also ask to see some of the jeweler's previous work to be sure of their artistry.

Choosing the stone

Who said a ring must bear a diamond to be engagement-worthy? If you decide to go with other precious or semi-precious gemstones, doing some basic research on them will assist you to come up with the best pick. Some of these gemstones include garnets, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and morganites.

If you choose diamonds, you will be better off familiarizing yourself with the 4 Cs of diamond quality: cut, clarity, carat, and color. You will learn that a diamond's brilliance largely depends on its cut. All of these elements contribute to the quality and therefore price of the stone.  

Choosing the metal

Just like choosing the diamond or gemstone, the precious metal you will choose for your ring comes down to a matter of preference. Some options to consider include platinum, palladium, titanium, white gold, rose gold and yellow gold.

Platinum is a good choice for your engagement ring as it the most durable of all these metals. Its naturally white color makes it one of the alluring precious metals you can have for your engagement ring, and it will not need to be replated in the coming years.

Palladium can serve as an alternative to platinum as it is relatively cheaper, tarnish resistant and hypo-allergenic.

Gold, on the other hand, is one of the favorites for engagement rings with white and yellow gold being the most classic. Rose gold is making some ripples in Coronado as a more stylish choice. You can also have your engagement ring made from a mix of metals for a unique look.

Lastly, do not forget to protect yourself with documentation for warranties and insurance. Have everything spelled out in writing and do not fail to insure your engagement ring once you bring it home.