5 Most Popular Engagement Ring Styles in Escondido

Engagement rings are a real classic, dating from the ancient civilization with the Egyptians. A short peek into the last century and you will realize the significant difference in the styles favored by men and their fiancées. Although diamonds remain a girl's best friend, there are more choices near Escondido that couples can choose from than ever before.

Now, you can easily get an engagement ring to symbolize your promise of love while still incorporating your personal style preferences. Before you go down on your knee, read on to discover the classic engagement ring styles and the emerging trends that are making the most noise regarding the most popular engagement ring styles and settings.


While some ring settings come and go, the solitaire has stood the test of time and remained as an all time favorite for many couples. The solitaire ring design features one diamond or gemstone as the centerpiece on top of a metal band. The stone is typically set on the band with prongs.

Prongs protrude vertically to hold the centerpiece in position to allow for maximum light to pass through the stone for a brilliant sparkle. You can choose between four or six prongs in our luxurious showroom not far from Encinitas, just down the I-5 in San Diego.

The centerpiece of a solitaire ring can feature a round brilliant or a princess cut diamond. However, a marquise, oval, pear, emerald or heart shape can also fit perfectly into a solitaire design.


The halo style engagement ring was at its prime in the 1920s, but thanks to the increasing popularity in classics today, the design has resurfaced. Similar to the solitaire, the halo setting also holds a single stone at the center. What differs is that a halo engagement ring has its centerpiece surrounded by a circle or square of multiple smaller diamonds. This makes the center stone look larger and also increases the ring’s sparkle. The additional diamonds also chip in to add to karat weight.

Although a halo setting goes well with a round or oval shaped stone, any shape can be used without losing the design's finesse. If you want to find a unique halo diamond engagement ring near Escondido, you can go for a marquise or pear-shaped stone.

Other popular emerging designs include the double halo and the colored gemstone halo.

Bezel set

The bezel setting is a clean modern design and is often sought for its practicality. The design is known for being the most secure type of setting. It features a centrally placed gemstone which is carefully encircled with an edging of platinum or perhaps gold.

If you like the bezel setting, you can choose from two options: a full or partial bezel setting. A full bezel ensures that the jewel is fully covered on all sides only to expose the top of the gemstone or diamond. A partial bezel on the other hand only encompasses a section of the gem. A partial bezel allows for easier cleaning of the ring at home.

Three-stone rings

The traditional three-stone engagement rings feature a larger diamond at the center flanked by two smaller stones on each side. The three stones are believed to represent the past, present and the future of your relationship.

However, recent designs feature a mix of diamonds and gemstones which are all of the same sizes to symbolize the enduring nature of your love. Princess cut diamonds are often preferred as the centerpiece. At Leo Hamel’s, we can show you a variety of different stone shapes to choose from on our engagement rings not so far away from Escondido.


The cathedral is a recent modification to the traditional solitaire. The design borrows its shape from that of an actual cathedral. The cathedral setting adds structural stability to the ring and improves the aesthetic effect. At Leo Hamel’s, you can browse a vast variety of engagement ring styles while our experts assist you in finding the perfect ring for your fiancée.