Incredible facts you should know about engagement rings

There are very many interesting facts about rings that you may not know, and knowing them will help you plan better and impress your partner even more than you thought you could. Hillcrest, California buys its fair share of this type of jewelry, and while the figures involved are not astronomical, they still say something about the passion of the people. If you are planning to buy an engagement ring for your partner in this area, below are incredible facts you need to know:

69% of couples take a photo soon after engagement

This might seem obvious, but there are people who struggle to find the right time and spot for that engagement photo. Before you go down on one knee, you need to plan around your schedule and decide upon the perfect spot. Residents of Hillcrest travel as far as Disney world to get that moment stowed away for posterity.

But residents of Hillcrest are fortunate to have many breathtaking locations to choose from. Local favorite spots for engagement photos include Torrey Pines, Coronado, Mission Bay, and even Downtown San Diego. Hillcrest as a city also has its own fair share of engagement spots, and you need to look around to find the one place that works for both of you.

52% of brides would love colored gemstones in their ring

Studies indicate that over half of brides have a love for color, and many colored gemstones make excellent additions to a diamond engagement ring, or even become the center stone. It is always a great idea to try to determine what color of gemstones that your partner might prefer.  

61% of men consult before buying a ring

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, because we know that men do not always have a strong aesthetic for jewelry. This is why a lot of men turn to friends and parents to consult about choosing a ring. If you are a man planning to buy a ring and don’t know where to start, then you are not alone. Take time to find the right advice and ultimately the right ring because you only get to propose once.

Consider what you are being told and make the final decision based on expert advice as well as your own personal set of preferences.

Whatever you do, be careful to keep it secret from the other party. Do not give a hint of what you are going to do because you definitely do not want to lose that element of surprise.

December is the most popular month for engagements

It’s easy to see why December is the favorite month for many lovers. The holidays are already in full swing, and people get caught up in the festive mood. Families are gathered to celebrate, and can share in the excitement. However, if you did not get around to proposing in December, don’t worry, because other months work out just fine. You will need to decide upon a time when both of you are free from work and other responsibilities so you can relax and enjoy the moment. Early summer is particularly a good time to propose outdoors, with our sunny San Diego weather.

The average cost of an engagement ring in the US is $5,229

Of course, many people spend a lot more or a lot less - this is an average of all purchases made in a year. There is no right or wrong when it comes to determining the price of an engagement ring. Your budget will depend on your particular circumstances, and what you think will make her happy. At Leo Hamel Fine Jewelers, we offer many different financing options to make this significant purchase a bit easier on the cash flow.