What no one will tell you about buying an engagement ring

You are ready to spend the rest of your life with her but first you will need a ring that is just right for your future missus. Purchasing an engagement ring seems as easy as visiting all jewelry stores around La Jolla and picking something. That is however not the case: below are some things no one really prepares you for.

Asking the parents

It’s a charming tradition in many families to ask her parents for her hand in marriage. And it actually doesn’t matter if you have just met or if you are so familiar with them that you’re part of the family - one thing that is certain is that it will feel awkward. Just be sincere and hope for the best.

Pay attention when she talks about jewelry

When buying her a ring, you definitely want to get her a piece that she will love and show off with pride. She will be the one wearing it every day so it will behoove you to make a strong effort to get it just right. That is why any time that she starts talking about jewelry, you should note down aspects of jewelry that she likes. Then when you arrive at the jewelry store, you can ask them to help you find a ring for a woman who likes yellow gold and rubies, or platinum and diamonds.

Consult people that are close to her

Make discreet inquiries with people who are close to her about what she would like in a ring. If you’re lucky, her friends will know what she likes. Ask about her preference in ring material, what she wishes for the size of the gemstone, and even what kind of proposal she would like. Combining their ideas with what you know of your fiancée gives you the best possible chance to have everything turn out just right. And her closest friends will be excited to help you out – just be sure they can keep a secret before you let them in on it.

Talk to others that have been there before you

In your quest for the perfect engagement, look for guys who already went down on one knee. Find out how they went through the ring-buying process. They may give you hints and advice on how to go about your purchase and proposal. You might even find yourself dragging the “experienced one” with you all over La Jolla and San Diego for ring shopping to get their opinion first-hand.

They might all look the same at first

Since you aren’t used to looking at engagement rings, you may have trouble at first determining the differences between various rings. The rings will all look shiny, pretty, and sparkly, and you may be tempted to buy the first one you are shown. Just continue looking at different ring types and you’ll soon start to notice which ones you like best. Your expert jeweler at Leo Hamel Fine Jewelers can be a trusted partner in helping you to discover your preferences, and to focus in on those of your fiancée.

You will have to learn the 4Cs

While purchasing a ring, always consider the carat, clarity, color and cut. These four factors will determine the quality and therefor the price of the diamond in your engagement ring. Your trusted jeweler can go over these important factors and help you to become familiar with their significance.

You may not find the perfect ring

If the ring that you purchase turns out to be not exactly what she had in mind, reputable jewelers such as Leo Hamel’s always allow you to trade it back in for a different design, or have their expert bench jewelers modify the ring to be more her style. So do your best research, make your best decision, and then stop worrying. The important thing is that she says, “yes!”