A Guide to Buying an Engagement Ring in San Marcos

Buying an engagement ring may seem both daunting and confusing. The list of available options is long, making your choice difficult. How do you make sure you have bought the right size of diamond? How much should you pay? These and other questions will confront you as you shop around San Marcos. By knowing how to go about it, you can eliminate the anxiety that comes with the whole task. Here are ten tips to guide you as you make the purchase.

Determine a budget

You want to get the ideal ring for your lady, and there are many options. It’s helpful to your trusted jeweler to have a price range in mind so that she can show you rings that fit that range. However if you fall in love with a ring that’s outside your budget, make use of the financing options at Leo Hamel’s to make your budget stretch a bit further.

Buy from a trustworthy seller of engagement and wedding rings

Always deal with a registered agent. Ask for certification. Ensure that you verify from other people about their experiences with the jeweler you want to deal with. Visit the jeweler’s website to see what other customers are saying about them.

Get her what she likes 

Take the time to know about the tastes and preferences of your fiancée-to-be. Ask her friends about it. Take her to the jewelry store and notice which styles attract her. If unable to figure out what would suit her, ask her indirectly. In the ring selection process, it is ideal that you get it right the first time. But if you don’t, at Leo Hamel’s, you can always trade for a different style of ring.

Be sure the cut is good

When it comes to diamonds, the cut, color, clarity and carat are all factors in value and price. However, for brilliance, the precision of cut is what matters the most. A well-cut stone has a bright sparkle.

Deciding between color, clarity and carat weight (size)

If you are buying a diamond, decide whether you will go for clarity and color or carat weight (size). Diamonds come in a wide variety of colors and clarities, with the most colorless and cleanest diamonds commanding the highest prices. There’s an ideal combination of carat weight, color, and clarity for each customer, and we will work with you to determine your perfect balance.

Go for the right shape

Go for the shape that will impress your lady. Diamonds and gemstones come in a variety of shapes, with the round brilliant cut being the most popular, followed by rectangular shapes such as princess cut. If she likes to make a statement, go for cushion cuts. Whatever choice you make, ensure it is a reflection of your girlfriend’s taste.

Think about durability

You are not just looking for beauty when buying an engagement ring. You want something that will last. A platinum ring is a good choice for its superior durability. 18 karat gold, whether white, yellow, or rose, is another fine choice for your engagement ring, and gives you more options for the style.

Although shopping for an engagement ring may seem like a confusing maze for many men in San Marcos, the task may be made a bit easier when you are armed with the right tools. The tips above can be of assistance, but in case you want even more guidance, talk to a local expert at Leo Hamel Fine Jewelers. We’ve helped thousands of men choose the right engagement ring!