Types of engagement rings available in Vista

If you are looking to buy an engagement ring, there are a lot of different types of rings available. Unless you already know her preferences, you’ll have to do some investigating and shopping around to find the very best option that fits your budget and her style.

Looking for an engagement ring in Vista, California? Below are some of the types available to you.

Vintage rings

If you’re looking for a truly unique ring, then go for the vintage variety. Vintage rings can be from 6 months ago or 60 years ago. Many of these rings showcase design styles from different time periods, such as Art Deco or Edwardian. But some look like they were made yesterday (because they were). At Leo Hamel’s, we carefully refurbish every vintage ring to look like new again, and only the price is different.

Solitaire rings

This is the most traditional type of ring set with one center diamond. A solitaire sends a subtle message of elegance and class. There are different styles of solitaire engagement rings, and the trick is in the details. You could go for a ring with a narrow band or choose a thicker band, made in platinum or white gold, yellow or rose gold.

Solitaire rings are essentially timeless and showcase the diamond as no other style does.

Halo engagement rings

The halo ring features a gemstone at the center surrounded by a circle of smaller stones set on the outside. The center can be a diamond, surrounded by other diamonds, or a diamond center surrounded by colored gemstones. In the reverse, the center can be a colored gemstone, surrounded by diamonds, or surrounded by different colored gemstones. The center gemstone cut can be round, rectangular, or any variety of other shapes. The combinations are endless.

Pavé rings

A pavé ring is intricately designed with small diamonds or gemstones set almost seamlessly together completely covering the band. When diamonds are set in a pavé style, the sparkle of light from the ring is remarkable. This type of setting requires a deft hand to set all the stones evenly. The pavé can either go all the way around the ring or appear halfway down the sides. Emerald cut and round brilliant diamonds are shapes that are frequently set in a pavé style.

Three stone rings

This classic style consists of a larger diamond at the center, flanked by two smaller diamonds. The center stone is typically set higher than the side stones. Round brilliant diamonds are a popular choice, as well as emerald or princess cut diamonds. You can even mix the shapes, using one cut of diamond for the center and a different shape for the side stones. Another alternative is to use a colored gemstone for the center, with diamonds on either side.

Leo Hamel Fine Jewelers has a vast array of engagement rings, both new and vintage. Just a short drive south from Vista, California, we’ve helped thousands of customers find the right engagement ring at the right price!