What to Expect From Jewelry Stores

When was the last time you were out shopping for jewelry? For some people, it’s not a trip you make frequently. Finding the right jewelry store is a significant decision when it comes to buying jewelry.

There are numerous store options available in Carlsbad and surrounding areas of San Diego County. To ensure that you get the most value for your money, here are some of the things you should expect to find in your store of choice.

Customer service

When it comes to selecting a jewelry store of choice, the relationship matters a lot. A good relationship is built on communication and trust. The one between you and your jeweler should be nothing less.

When you enter a jewelry store, you should feel comfortable with the salesperson that is helping you. He or she should listen and answer your questions in a helpful manner, exhibit a lot of knowledge about the jewelry, and inspire trust. Any time that you get a bad vibe from a jewelry store, you can just walk away and seek another option.

Quality selection

When you visit standard shopping mall or strip-mall jewelry stores, you may notice that they deal in basically the same items. This is true whether you are in Carlsbad or anywhere else. However, there are independent jewelry stores that will provide you with a broader range of options from which you can choose. Here at Leo Hamel’s, we carry a vast array of unusual jewelry that you won’t find in other jewelry stores in San Diego County, and our selection changes daily.

You’ll have the opportunity to shop from new and vintage jewelry, new and vintage designer jewelry, and new and pre-owned fine Swiss and German watches. You want to find a store with the widest possible selection of jewelry, increasing your chances of coming across a piece that will pique your interest.

Quality merchandise

On top of the monetary value that accompanies jewelry, there is usually an emotional attachment that comes with it. Therefore, you need to be certain that the jewelry store you are partnering with sells jewelry that is consistent with the industry standards. By doing this, you ensure that what you purchase from the store is worth the investment.

If you are buying a diamond, ask if they are certified by an independent diamond-grading laboratory. The most credible independent laboratory is the Gemological Institute of America, headquartered right here in Carlsbad. If a jeweler presents an in-house diamond certificate, take that as a red flag and seek another option in Carlsbad.

Years of experience

There is some security in seeking a jewelry store which has several decades of expertise in the trade. First, you will have the confidence that after making a purchase from them, you will still find them at a later date if warranty work is required. It’s a no-brainer really; what is a warranty's value if the store will not be there to fulfill it a year later?

A jeweler who has been in the industry for a long time has a wealth of knowledge and experience to meet all your jewelry needs. Generally speaking, their customer service must be fairly decent to allow them to stay in business for many years.

After-sale services

Quality jewelry is meant to last. The advertising campaign made famous by De Beers starting back in 1947 declares, “Diamonds are Forever.” However, they do need regular professional cleaning in order to maintain their original sparkle forever. This is why you need your trusted jeweler to stick around for as long as possible to provide these maintenance services for all of your fine jewelry and watches.

A reputable jewelry store should offer services such as annual prong checks, cleaning, resizing and polishing. White gold jewelry, especially rings, may require periodic re-plating to look its best.

Guaranties and policies

If you find a jeweler who offers outstanding services to Carlsbad residents and absolutely stands behind the quality of their merchandise, then that is the kind of jewelry store you want to partner with. Be sure there is a reasonable return policy. At times, jewelry fails to fit the owner or doesn't impress the person for whom it was bought.

And lastly, do they have financing options in case one does not wish to pay the full amount for the jewelry at once? This kind of assistance is especially helpful for major purchases such as engagement rings.