Benefits of Sticking With the Same Jewelry Store

Online shopping has revolutionized the way we shop. No doubt. It has also led to the demise of business relationships the way they existed in the past. However, although you can still purchase jewelry online, occupations like the jeweler and the hairdresser remain to uphold these relationships.

There are numerous advantages that follow shopping at the same jewelry store. Remember how you feel when you go to your favorite barbershop or salon and get your hair done by the same person every time? A good hairdresser knows how to cut your hair to compliment your face and suit your lifestyle. This is because they know you, they know your taste, and they know exactly how to meet your needs. 

Here are some reasons why you’re better off making all your jewelry purchases from one reputable jeweler serving Escondido customers, such as Leo Hamel Fine Jewelers.

They know your taste

Whether you are looking for a bracelet, ring or necklace, describing exactly how you want the piece to look may not be an easy task. However, if you are a regular customer at a particular jewelry store, the jeweler can quickly narrow down to what you want due to their sound knowledge of your tastes and preferences.

Another perk is that the savvy jeweler can keep an eye out for pieces that you might like, or that your loved ones might like, and contact you to come and take a look.

A feeling of security

With jewelry being a significant investment, both emotionally and financially, you want to be sure that minor repairs or general maintenance will be handled correctly. Parting with your favorite diamond ring even for a few days can be tough. However, knowing that your jewelry is in safe hands allows you to relax. After shopping at the same store a couple of times, you start developing some confidence in the store and can feel good about taking your jewelry there for annual checks, cleaning, polishing, and even repairs. 

Special Deals

Some jewelry store owners offering jewelry to Escondido customers are generous to offer their regular customers exclusive discounts. Just like subscribing to an email newsletter where you get tipped off about exclusive deals and offers, your jeweler can keep you in the loop every time there is a special offer.

Quality Advice

A jeweler who knows your shopping pattern is better placed to lend you their expert advice easily compared to a jeweler you met for the first time. The information he gives will be helpful as it factors in your budget, tastes, style and even size. He won’t have to go over information already covered in previous visits, allowing him to go into more depth about gemstones and diamonds each time you visit. A lot can be learned from a long-term relationship with a jeweler.

You know what to expect

There are many advantages to operating in a familiar territory. This is deeply embedded in our genetics. We are habitual creatures. Most of us aren't too comfortable with the unknown. 

When you are aware of what awaits you in that jewelry store regarding customer service, selection, quality, policies and services, it can enhance your attitude and maximize your shopping experience.

Isn't it fun to see familiar faces and catch up a little, or enter a store knowing exactly where particular pieces are displayed? At Leo Hamel’s, we strive to recognize and greet every returning customer, to put him or her at ease.


Perhaps you already know how difficult it is to try and make a collection of matching jewelry pieces. This can become trickier if you are browsing around in different stores in Escondido. A regular customer is at an advantage since a jeweler with global connections is willing to go an extra mile to find that special jewelry that you want. 

Additionally, the jeweler's knowledge of their customers can also prompt them to bring in similar pieces to your jewelry as they already know your style and taste. We cannot overlook the amount of valuable time and perhaps energy that you can save here.

Keep your hairdresser close but your jeweler closer. Search around but when you find a jewelry store that fits your personality, stick with it.