How to Pick the Right Jewelry Store

In most cases, we buy jewelry for special people and occasions. We look for something that we can give someone for their birthday, anniversary or any other special milestone. It is because of this that you need to pick the right jewelry store; a store that will give you value for money in terms of the jewelry you are purchasing and services you get. There are a number of these stores in and around Hillcrest, so how then do you ensure you pick the right jewelry store for your jewelry needs? 

For starters, ask family, friends and colleagues to offer some suggestions. If they have a relationship with a jewelry store, then you will at least have a starting point. You can then do some research and find out what you can. This can narrow down your selection or weed out the wrong ones.

Also consider the following factors.

Relationship-Oriented Service

A good jewelry store invests in building relationships with its customers. They understand that jewelry holds so much significance. They understand the value you put in your jewelry purchase. They will therefore go the extra mile in ensuring they service that need by building strong relationships with their customer base. If you are married, it would be nice if the jewelry store that provided your wedding rings can be the same one that helps you pick out your wife’s future anniversary gifts, birthday presents, or “just-because” gifts. The best jewelers can follow up with aftersales services such as jewelry cleaning, sizing and trade-in or exchange.

Good Jewelry Selection

When selecting a jewelry store in Hillcrest or nearby San Diego neighborhoods, their jewelry selection should offer you a variety of different pieces for different occasions. You should be able to find appropriate gifts for all of the birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Days, and other memorable events that come up in your life. Beware the chain store whose inventory remains the same year after year! The local independent jeweler who changes up his inventory regularly will have more to show you on your repeat visits. The store should offer a wide selection of precious stone selections including pearls, diamonds, and colored gemstones. 

Established Jewelry Store with Good Reputation

Established jewelry stores that have good reputations have them for a reason. A jeweler who is accountable to his customers and routinely provides outstanding customer service will be trusted by many people. It’s important to that jeweler that his customers return for repeat business, so every experience must be outstanding. Such a store will accumulate good reviews online and continue in business for many years to come. You want to find a jewelry store that will service your wedding rings and still be there when you need to purchase anniversary gifts years later. You can only get that from an established jewelry store serving Hillcrest customers such as Leo Hamel Fine Jewelers, giving great service for over 38 years.

Wide Range of Services

You need to pick a jewelry store that offers a wide range of services - apart from the jewelry offering. A store should offer the services of a bench jeweler who can resize or repair your jewelry, an in–house gemologist who will give you advice and share knowledge, and custom jewelry-making services. Such services are an added advantage.

Policies, Warranties and Returns

Just like any other purchase, buying jewelry has some risk factors. It is therefore important to consider their policy on warranties, returns, and exchanges. Ask if the store can provide the jewelry in your required timeframe. See if it is possible to return the jewels for exchange after purchase. You need to also know if your jewelry can be replaced or repaired at no charge in the event of a warranty issue. A good jewelry store should be clear on this so that you know how to handle unforeseen circumstances after the purchase.

At the end of the day, a good jewelry store is like a partner who walks with you through all the events that are emotionally significant to you. It should be able to solve all your jewelry problems and give you the added value of outstanding customer service.