Why Leo Hamel’s is the Place to Buy a Pre-owned Rolex Watch

If you've ever shopped and compared Rolex watches or other top designer brand watches, it is highly likely that you have come across counterfeit pieces. Some sellers might have tried to pass off a counterfeit as something genuine. To make sure that doesn’t happen to them, shoppers from Coronado, Encinitas, El Cajon and elsewhere in San Diego know there is one place to go to – Leo Hamel Fine Jewelers.

Our store on San Diego Avenue is where people shopping for a genuine Rolex watch can find a vast inventory of pre-owned Rolex watches, as well as other fine Swiss watch brands such as Cartier, Patek Philippe, Panera, Breitling, and more.

What makes us stand out from the competition

Leo Hamel’s boasts an in-house CW21-certified watchmaker, with a certification from the American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute (AWCI), the organization that has been setting standards for quality in the industry for 50 years. Our watchmaker is fully qualified to offer top-notch reconditioning of pre-owned watches, according to technical specifications by renowned manufacturers, including Rolex, having reconditioned thousands of watches over 4 decades.

Additionally, our watchmaker boasts an active parts account with Rolex, USA, meaning he can obtain original replacement parts required to repair a genuine Rolex watch.

We have expert staff 

Buying a Rolex watch is, without a doubt, a sound investment. If you have any questions about any of the watches we offer, our friendly salespeople will answer them for you. If you want a suggestion about a particular model, our staff is going to point you in the right direction, inform you what to look for, and help you choose a pre-owned Rolex that you are bound to love for many years to come.

In addition to buying a genuine watch, it’s imperative you get informed about how to keep it in good condition. Our staff will be happy to give you advice regarding how often you should clean and service your Rolex watch and other useful information you would want to have as a proud owner of a fine luxury timepiece.

We let you take your time

At Leo Hamel’s, we want the purchase you make to be one you are going to be truly satisfied with. This is why we want to work with you and want you to take your time. Shoppers from Coronado and other San Diego areas choose to come to our store for this very reason – we don’t push you into a purchase that you are not fully confident about. At our store, you will only buy a watch if you are truly happy and love it.

We improve for our customers

As a business run on family values, we treat all of our customers as part of the family. Our vast repeat and referral business stands testimony to our high-quality personalized customer service. We strive to make sure the shopping experience at our store is one you enjoy, and that you purchase exactly what you were looking for. We’ll work to help you own the pre-owned Rolex you have always wanted!