Looking for a Pre-Owned Genuine Rolex Watch?  Visit Leo Hamel’s!

With so many local jewelry stores you can find throughout San Diego, Leo Hamel Fine Jewelers definitely stands out. In addition to being one of the most well-known jewelry and watch stores in San Diego, we boast some of the most exquisite pre-owned Rolex watch models and sometimes even those limited edition pieces that you can't find anywhere else.

Let’s take a closer a look at what shoppers from El Cajon, Coronado, Del Mar and other areas will find at Leo Hamel’s.

We either have it, or we'll find it!

Reasons for buying a Rolex are manifold. For some, it is that crown on the Rolex brand which represents the luxury and classic style they crave. For others, it is finding that limited-edition piece, which was only manufactured for a short period of time. No matter the reason behind you wanting to buy a pre-owned Rolex, we are going to have just what you are looking for in our store.

What’s more, if we do not have it in stock, we go an extra mile to find it for you!

We are your trustworthy partner

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon in the world for a counterfeit Rolex to be passed off as genuine. Shopping in a reliable brick-and-mortar store reduces the risk of purchasing a counterfeit item. With a business tradition spanning across four decades, Leo Hamel’s has proved its reputation of a dependable watch and jewelry store that El Cajon customers can always count on.

We take pride in our extensive repeat business and a great many customers who keep returning to our store in search for high-quality gifts for their loved ones or a little something special for themselves. At Leo Hamel Fine Jewelers, we are incredibly happy to be part of so many important moments in the lives of our loyal customers.

Our watchmaker is an industry-certified expert

In addition to offering an impressive selection of expertly reconditioned pre-owned Rolex watches, we make sure our customers can rely on us for keeping their watch in excellent condition. We are proud to have a CW21-certified watchmaker on staff – an industry expert whose watch repair and watchmaking skill has been certified by the American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute (AWCI). He complies with the highest standards of watch repair work, which guarantees a reliable service.

Additionally, our watchmaker has a parts account with Rolex, which means he can purchase original replacement parts for your fine timepiece.

Visit our store on San Diego Avenue

Shoppers from El Cajon, Hillcrest, Escondido or any other area in San Diego County need look no further than Leo Hamel Fine Jewelers & Jewelry Buyers for buying, selling or servicing their Rolex watches. If you wish to make a purchase, you’ll love our fine selection of pre-owned watches that look and run like new. If you are looking to sell your Rolex, we will give you a great price and recondition your unwanted watch so it can find a new owner who will fall in love with it! Visit us on San Diego Avenue!