Can't Afford a New Rolex? Buy Pre-Owned!

Solana Beach has a lot to offer. Anything from cozy beaches where you can enjoy swimming and surfing to a beautiful view of the Pacific sunset. But one thing you are not likely to find in Solana Beach is a store where you can buy a pre-owned Rolex with the reputation like the one Leo Hamel Fine Jewelers boasts. Why browse around local stores aimlessly when you can visit us and take your pick from among the best, rarest and finest pre-owned Rolex watch models in San Diego County.

A Rolex is a classic piece. As a matter of fact, it is one of the most highly sought-after quality Swiss watches. As the leading pre-owned Rolex vendor in the San Diego County, we offer an extensive selection of pre-owned watches to shoppers from Solana Beach and other San Diego areas. If you prefer vintage style over modern, the charm of a classic pre-owned Rolex might be precisely what you were looking for all along.

Why Choose a Pre-Owned Rolex

There are many reasons to pick a pre-owned Rolex. Not only are they more affordable, but since Rolex watches are made to last a lifetime, a pre-owned watch can be enjoyed for decades to come. While modern Rolex watches are nothing short of high quality when it comes to workmanship or endurance, even the older models have that special something that makes them timeless.

Will it work like new?

High-quality well-maintained watches can function properly for decades, even a lifetime. Pre-owned watches offered by Leo Hamel’s are fully functional; the entire watch is reconditioned inside and out to look and function as new. We guarantee that our pre-owned watches are genuine, and offer a 2-year warranty.

Should you want to sell an unwanted Rolex watch from your collection, you will also find a reliable partner in Leo Hamel Jewelry Buyers at our buying locations in San Diego, Solana Beach, La Mesa, Oceanside, and Rancho Bernardo.

Rolex Maintenance

A fine watch needs to be properly maintained by experts who know what they’re doing. Our expert watchmakers will service your watch inside and out to look as good as when you first bought it. If you take care of your Rolex, it will last a lifetime or more, and can be passed down to your son or daughter, and perhaps their son or daughter!

You can trust the quality of our watches, you can trust our reputation, and you can feel confident knowing that our watchmaker has an active parts account with Rolex, meaning he will use genuine Rolex replacement parts for any repair.

When it comes to luxury, Rolex is the leader in the watch industry. Visit us at our store on San Diego Avenue today to find out more about your dream watch and see what we have in stock for you. If we don’t have a particular model you were eyeing, we’ll do everything in our power to get it for you.