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What’s the first brand you think of when you hear the term luxury watch? Most people typically think of Rolex. There’s good reason for this too. For over a century, Rolex has been one of the most well-known brands of men’s and women’s watches. Rolex is known for its innovation, tradition, performance, excellence, and many other great qualities. If you’re lucky enough to own a Rolex you know how valuable it is. Most people think they will cherish their Rolex for a lifetime, and sometimes this is the case. Other times, it is not. Oftentimes life becomes hectic and hard to keep up with financially. The treasured timepiece you thought you’d wear for the rest of your life suddenly becomes your saving grace in times of need, so you decide to sell it. On the other hand, selling your Rolex is not out of necessity, but out of desire. Maybe it’s time for an upgrade and you’d prefer to sell your Rolex and use that money to purchase a new one. Regardless of the reason, we’re here to help you sell your Rolex for the best payout in San Diego. Our skilled buyers are here to make an offer you can’t refuse for your Swiss-made timepiece, ensuring its value and your satisfaction.

At Leo Hamel Fine Jewelers and Jewelry Buyers in San Diego there are many different ways to sell Rolex. We’re here to help with whichever method works best for you.

  • Sell Rolex for Instant Money- This is the fastest and easiest way to sell Rolex watches. Bring your Rolex to one of our expert buyers in San Diego, strike a deal, and walk away with money on the spot.
  • Get a Temporary Loan- Pawn your Rolex for a hassle-free loan. No credit check required. $2,500 minimum.
  • Sell Rolex on Consignment: If you want to receive the maximum payout for your Rolex and don’t need immediate money, selling on consignment is a great option.
  • Sell Rolex from Home: For those that are unable to make it to our buying office locations in San Diego, we’ve made it possible to sell your Rolex from the comfort of your home. Contact us about selling Rolex watches from home so we can send you detailed instructions about the shipping process.
We completely understand selling your Rolex can be an emotional experience. Sometimes we get emotionally attached to material objects, there’s no shame in that! That’s why we will not pressure you to sell your Rolex. The decision is entirely yours. All transactions are confidential and secure. If you’re ready to sell your Rolex, stop by one of our many buying locations in San Diego to meet with one of our expert buyers. No appointment is necessary!

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