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Get your Rolex watch repaired in San Diego by Leo’s Rolex-trained watchmakers.

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Why get your Rolex repaired at Leo Hamel’s instead of the Rolex factory?

Repairing your Rolex watch at Leo’s in San Diego will save you weeks, or sometimes even months, of time since we have an in-house repair department that is ready to fix your broken watch. This means that Leo’s Swiss-trained watch repair technicians will be able to repair your Rolex in-house, without sending it out to a 3rd party that will take weeks or even months to repair it. You’ll get your like-new Rolex back quicker to wear again!

What is the process for repairing my Rolex watch?

The process of repairing a Rolex watch depends on the symptoms that your watch is showing.

Did your watch stop running? Is there rust developing on the dial? Is the sapphire crystal cracked? In our experience, these are the most common problems that Rolex watch owners run into. We’ll assess your timepiece’s problem quickly and efficiently upon check-in.

Once we check your watch into our secure Rolex watch repair department, we’ll be able to disassemble your watch and find out what’s causing the problem. Then, we’ll call you with an estimate for necessary repairs and a time frame for when your watch will be working like-new again.

What is a complete Rolex watch overhaul?

Having your Rolex watch completely overhauled at Leo’s means one of our Swiss-trained watchmakers will perform these 6 steps:

  1. 1. Carefully disassemble your Rolex watch case, bracelet, and movement
  2. 2. Meticulously clean your case and bracelet with an ultrasonic cleaner
  3. 3. Clean your movement and then lubricate it to factory-like condition
  4. 4. Electronically calibrate the movement and carefully assemble the watch
  5. 5. Perform a watch pressure test to ensure the case is water resistant
  6. 6. Test the Rolex to make sure it’s keeping accurate time

Once all of these 6 steps are completed, we’ll call you when your watch is ready to be picked up!

What is a watch pressure test and how is it used in Rolex watch repairs?

Simply put, a pressure test will test for leaks in your watch.

A watch that is fully water resistant and passes the Rolex pressure test will be completely sealed at these three entry points:

  • • Sapphire crystal
  • • Watch case back
  • • Buttons/pushers

If you notice water or rust on the dial of your watch, then that usually means that your crown wasn’t completely tightened down when it came into contact with water. You might also have a leak in a gasket, crystal, or some other part of your watch.

Getting water in your watch will cause the dial, hands, case, and movement of your watch to rust and decay so it’s best to bring it in to a Rolex watch repair facility to have an expert take a look and do a pressure test.

Most often, customers bring water damaged Rolex watches after certain times of the year that require unscrewing the crown and changing the time or date. Daylight saving time requires the hour hand to be set an hour ahead or behind, and 28 or 30 day-months require the date display to be moved forward to the 1st of the month. We completely understand it’s necessary to make these minor adjustments on your watch, but you must be very careful to avoid water damage. The best solution? Regularly have your Rolex inspected by one of Leo’s Rolex watch repair technicians.

How often should my Rolex watch be serviced?

Like a car engine, Rolex watches need to have their moving parts serviced in order to keep them moving properly. You’d typically have your car’s oil changed every 3,000 miles, and your Rolex watch needs to be serviced every 3 to 5 years.

Don’t wait for a problem to occur before getting your Rolex watch serviced!

Men's Rolex watch repair in San Diego

List of models eligible for Rolex watch repair in at Leo’s:

  • ✔ Datejust I & II
  • ✔ Submariner
  • ✔ Cosmograph Daytona
  • ✔ Yacht-Master I & II
  • ✔ Day-Date
  • ✔ Explorer I & II
  • ✔ GMT-Master I & II
  • ✔ Sea-Dweller
  • ✔ Milguass
  • ✔ Oyster Perpetual
  • ✔ Air-King
  • ✔ Cellini
  • ✔ Vintage Rolex

Women's Rolex watch repair

  • ✔ Datejust
  • ✔ Yacht-Master
  • ✔ Day-Date
  • ✔ Air-King
  • ✔ Vintage Rolex

Leo Hamel Fine Jewelers has helped over 613,000 customers save time and money on watch repairs in San Diego. So why is Leo Hamel’s the best place to repair Rolex watches?

  • ✔ Trustworthy Swiss-trained watchmakers without the hefty price tag
  • ✔ Authentic Swiss replacement watch parts, both inside and out
  • ✔ In-house repair department so you don’t have to risk shipping out your broken Rolex
  • ✔ Repairs at Leo’s typically take 2 weeks instead of Rolex factory repairs that take 2 months