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Sell Your Antiques & Collectibles

Are you looking to sell antiques and antique collectibles? Do you find yourself searching online for “places that buy antiques near me”? Don’t waste another minute! Sell antiques and collectibles to Leo Hamel Jewelry & Gold Buyers in San Diego with ease, confidence, and satisfaction.

The best way to sell antiques is through an honest and reputable buyer, like Leo’s. Antique stores might seem like a good option, but they don’t have the same level of skill and knowledge as our accredited antique buyers and certified graduate gemologists. We have helped over 1,000,000 satisfied San Diegans buy and sell antiques. Let us help you next!

We buy any antique and we buy collectibles:
  • Sell antique swords
  • Sell antique statues
  • Sell antique militaria
  • Sell antique documents
  • Sell antique uniforms
  • Sell rare antiques
  • Sell antique china
  • Sell antique jewelry
  • Sell antique books
  • Sell antique silverware
  • Plus other antique items!

Traditional San Diego pawn shops and other antique dealers can’t match the cash offers made by our expert antique buyers! When you sell antiques to Leo Hamel’s you can be confident you are getting the most money for your items. Our friendly experts thoroughly explain the evaluation process, ensuring you understand the price you are being offered when you sell antiques and collectibles.

How to make money selling antiques

Selling antiques is quick and stress-free at Leo Hamel Jewelry & Gold Buyers. With 5 convenient locations throughout San Diego you will find the best place to sell antiques in no time! Stop by any of our buying locations to meet with one of our antique buyers for a free evaluation. Your privacy is important, so we will only meet with one customer at a time. If there is a short wait for you to meet with one of our expert buyers, please feel free to enjoy a snack or quench your thirst with some of the goodies we have available in the waiting room.

Once you have settled into one of our secure buying offices, our experts will walk you through the entire process. Ask any questions that come to mind. We are here to help you! Whether you have just one antique or several antiques you would like to sell, we’ll offer you the highest payout in San Diego. For special circumstances, we even have antique buyers that will come to your home! After the secure transaction, you will have cash in your pocket, a smile on your face, and a weight lifted off your shoulders!

Certain circumstances may lead you to sell antiques for quick cash that might have sentimental value to you. We understand and appreciate your connection to your antiques and collectibles, so we will never pressure you to sell antiques. Take as much time as you need to make your decision.

Selling antiques has never been more convenient! Don’t hesitate to contact us before you drop by! Click Here to find a Jewelry & Gold Buying location nearest you for driving directions, phone numbers, and hours of operation. NO APPOINTMENT IS NECESSARY!

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